Wednesday 29 July 2009 Becomes Multilingual

My favourite German-English online dictionary,, is becoming more than that — they are matching up German and English with Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and a lot of other languages (you can actually add your own!).  I think that is great news, since I had earlier searched in vain for any online German-Swedish, German-Danish or even English-Danish dictionary, and the English-Swedish dictionary that I regularly use is a bit userunfriendly at times (anther one,, may be a bit more comfy).

Here is the English part of the mail that was sent to me to inform me about the news and inviting me to contribute to the Danish vocabulary (I guess I'll do some there but be more active on the Swedish part).

I'm Paul Hemetsberger, the maintainer of I'm contacting you because your user profile with suggests Danish language skills.

Currently is in the process of expanding from a German-English to a multilingual dictionary and I'd like to ask you for your help.
Would you be willing to contribute a little bit of your time to help building up a Danish-German / Danish-Englisch online dictionary?

To give it a try, please see some of the proposed entries here: for Danish-German translations for Danish-English translations
Click "review" to support proposals or suggest changes.

These are the basic guidelines for adding and changing terms:

Please use the Danish-German forum to clarify problems not specified there:
The findings of these discussions will be added to the guidelines over time.

You can get in touch with other participating users here: (Danish-German) (Danish-English)

To build up basic vocabulary for both Danish-German and Danish-English quickly, you can use the buildup tool:
Just enter the Danish translation(s) that match both the German and the English term displayed.

Your help would be greatly appreciated! Please give it a try!
Thank you very much in advance!

Best wishes and greetings from Vienna,
Paul Hemetsberger

PS: Feel free to forward this message to friends. The more participants the better!

Ing. Paul Christian Hemetsberger |
Erdbergstr. 10/55, 1030 Wien, Austria | +43-699-19437670
Visit - the online German-English dictionary!
Let me extend the inviation to you, dear reader, for any language that fits you!

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