Tuesday 23 June 2009

Wowed by Obama (again)

I watched US President Obama's press conference live this evening and was once again impressed by his sensible, measured words, as well as by how he was keeping command of the room of journalists, who at times would pose rather snarky questions.
Here is the video of the whole thing, and here a reasonable summary (in refreshing contrast to the typical repuglican raving madness that I couldn't entirely avoid while searching for a replay for you).
Given enough time, I could go on and on... let me just say this:
  • I agreed with a great lot of his points (including, one of the main topics, his treading very carefully concerning Iran and only applying fierceness when and where appropriate);
  • I cannot stop being so happy to see an intelligent, thinking, witty and balanced person in this powerful position, and wish we could have more of his kind in politics internationally.
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Saturday 13 June 2009

The Future of Software Testing [geek alert]

Last night I saw a good "Google Tech Talk" presentation by software-testing professor James Whittaker (at the time of the talk working for MS, now at Google) on "The Future of Testing".
Further reading: Whittaker's blog and a series of webinars on uTest.com.